Day 13 – The Ying and the Yuk

This week I’ve been really focusing on cleansing looking at toxins from the food that feeds my body, the self-talk that fills my head and to the relationships that I surround myself with. I have to say I really felt some toxins flowing through my body today following my session with Martin. This was two-fold as I believe that I let go of so much pent up stress and built-up negative energy during the session. I also then decided to go out and have a few drinks with some friends as this socialising is a very healthy thing to do but I think that the alcohol hit me harder today than normal. I only had two drinks and this is very much in support of a balanced approach to well-being however it is all about timing. Following any massage I have had in the past, I have always been told not to drink alcohol post the experience due to the fact that it can have some adverse effects. Well if a massage was a 5/10 on the Richter scale I would think the session with Martin would definitely be hitting an 8 or 9 in terms for releasing and opening up my body’s energy flow. Hence today I suffered the effects of a killer hangover coupled with the regret of – why did I do that, as I knew better. However, it’s very important for me to recognise that this is a 50-day challenge and it’s all about learning and experiencing new things and setting better and more appropriate limits and rules for myself in support of my own wellbeing. What these early days are showing me is that it is not about getting better and stronger every day as these early days are more about better understanding myself and what is currently working and not in my daily routine. It is all about resetting realistic expectations and guidelines. Also in my search to discover what balance really means to me and others, it reminds me that none of us are infallible. Striving for perfection only adds more stress as the fear of failure can impact on our effort and desire for success. Looking back at the 2017 Human Living Brand project, where I took on a dramatic transformation, the rules were very clear and for 30-days I followed them and I found it quite easy to follow because they were a no break clause. However that was not real life as it was not sustainable. Hence my advice to any organisation or leader that is involved in change or transformation is to slow it down, make it manageable and allow people the time to absorb the difference before moving on. It is also to listen to your people and check in regularly to better understand how they feel and the impact that change has on their wellbeing.

Mantra: Check in on myself and be honest about my feelings

Day 1: New Beginnings

Today was an interesting day as it kick-started the next 50 days of our deep dive into Wellness but the irony was that I did not feel well today. After a very poor night sleep, I was both tired and not feeling my best. I guess I will need to recognise this in relation to the bigger pitch and hence why this blog will keep track of not only my progress but some of my pitfalls along the way. This whole concept of seeing Monday with dread needs to be challenged going forward as this could be an exciting opportunity to set your intentions for the week. This was definitely not my feeling today as I dragged myself to out of bed. Also having my first mindset coaching session I uncovered a key component of the way we feel often stems from the way we speak to ourselves and outwardly of ourselves. This week I plan to listen more to my own verbiage and to have a more conscious focus on the power I hold in this state. I believe that I have fallen into some very negative a destructive patterns that have not allowed my mind, body or spirit the nourishment it needs to be better functioning. The key parallel that I have pulled from today and one that many leaders need to recognise is the way they feel often sets the tone for the way others in their team feel about themselves and the rest of the organisation. I have never really considered that I was a negative person but after Martin allowed me to be more conscious of some of my outward dialogue I have to say I had a bit of a wake-up call. The first step is admitting that we have a journey to wellness and we are all in different places on this road and to be humble to the fact that the support of others is needed.

Mantra: No more ‘but”

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