Our Story


Bridge becomes a registered company and starts to promote the Living Brand concept.


Bridge works with several blue chip companies on a freelance basis to other consultancies. Receives European trademark on Living Brand. The first Bridge website is launched.


Founder Dale Smith makes a strategic decision to limit freelance roles and focus only on Bridge’s own clients.


The first Brand2Life Magazine is launched and Bridge hosts the first Living Brand Leader workshop, as well as speaking at Confex in Barcelona.


The launch of the first Living Brand Leader conference. Dale presents keynote address at Abraaj Capital global conference in Istanbul.


The first Powerful People open workshop is held, subsequently in-house versions run at RBS, Bank of Tokyo, Bank of Mitsubishi, ING and Bank of Scotland. Rebranded website is launched.


Bridge presents a series of Living Brand workshops as part of the Taitra brand school in Taiwan. Powerful People is run across the entire internal audit population at RBS.


Global Brand Strategies runs in Taiwan. Bridge launches the first full Brand2Life employee engagement programme at HJE. Bridge receives a Training Mark from the ICS to certify its material for the Blackrock programme.


Bridge becomes part of the Eau rebranding team and creates and facilitates the Stand Out programme.


The internal HJE campaign is rebranded and a new look and feel campaign is launched. The Eau project draws to a close with outstanding results. The BridgeTalks lecture series is launched.


Bridge successfully launches its first BridgeCon conference and is awarded Independent Training Company of the Year by CSTN. Results of the Bridge culture survey are released.


Bridge wins a contract to rebrand INPS to Vision and launches the ‘Reboot’ internal campaign. Bridge is a finalist for the Business Change or Transformation Award for its work with Eau. We work with the leadership team of Pret a Manager.


The second BridgeCon conference runs. Dale acts as human guinea pig for the #LivingBrandProject. Bridge works with Bupa in bringing their corporate values to life.