Our Brand2Life methodology is proven to shift, inspire and build positive energy in teams. Before we let our in-house creative team loose on building a campaign, we take the time to hear the voice and feel the pulse of an organisation. Each step in our engagement path brings our clients closer to building a culture that creates memorable customer experiences.

Vision and Voice

Our process starts by listening to the voice of your people and agreeing on a clear vision.

Storyboard Thinking

We bring your organisation’s story to life using a unique internal brand that address your business challenges.

Refine and Define

a full campaign is created around your internal brand, supporting various touch points with a bespoke look and feel

People Plan

we pull together the perfect team for the job; from internal champions to experts from Bridge’s trusted network

Brand Alive

our bespoke material comes to life in a programme launch, designed to meet your needs

Engage and Flux

Bridge believes in creating a clear pathway to success, but design our touch points in real time to ensure business needs are met as they happen

Continuous Culture

our role is to always be handing over – we help build long term strategies that allow your organization to independently manage your culture

Time Check

we check in again with the voice of your people to gauge success and capture the culture shift through empirical and anecdotal evidence, as well as measuring any KPIs

There for You

Bridge embeds itself in your organisation to ensure we can build buzz and inspire teams from the outside in, as well as offer continuous support