Day 1: New Beginnings


Today was an interesting day as it kick-started the next 50 days of our deep dive into Wellness but the irony was that I did not feel well today. After a very poor night sleep, I was both tired and not feeling my best. I guess I will need to recognise this in relation to the bigger pitch and hence why this blog will keep track of not only my progress but some of my pitfalls along the way. This whole concept of seeing Monday with dread needs to be challenged going forward as this could be an exciting opportunity to set your intentions for the week. This was definitely not my feeling today as I dragged myself to out of bed. Also having my first mindset coaching session I uncovered a key component of the way we feel often stems from the way we speak to ourselves and outwardly of ourselves. This week I plan to listen more to my own verbiage and to have a more conscious focus on the power I hold in this state. I believe that I have fallen into some very negative a destructive patterns that have not allowed my mind, body or spirit the nourishment it needs to be better functioning. The key parallel that I have pulled from today and one that many leaders need to recognise is the way they feel often sets the tone for the way others in their team feel about themselves and the rest of the organisation. I have never really considered that I was a negative person but after Martin allowed me to be more conscious of some of my outward dialogue I have to say I had a bit of a wake-up call. The first step is admitting that we have a journey to wellness and we are all in different places on this road and to be humble to the fact that the support of others is needed.

Mantra: No more ‘but”

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