Bridge Talks: David Marshall on Service Excellence

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth was founded in 1856. Even today, it strives to provide the highest quality health care for all who seek it.

Thus, in 2013, the hospital launched its culture and employee engagement initiative, “Excellence – Making the Difference,” and with a renewed clarity of their mission and values, succeeded in bringing Service Excellence forward as a key market differentiator.

Taking BridgeTalks attendees into his confidence, David Marshall spoke about the history, the significance and the impact of this programme, about the strategic drivers and the cultural benefits that have seen this initiative succeed.

Bridge Talks: Duncan Slater on Motivation

Following the amputation of his legs five years ago, Duncan Slater continues to amaze and inspire those he meets. Finding his own motivation and utilising the leadership skills he gained in the military, with drive and insurmountable determination, Duncan set out to encourage others in similar situations to follow his example.

Whether running a marathon, cycling across the UK or completing a 200-mile journey on foot to the South Pole, Duncan Slater’s story has been an empowering reminder to us all.

Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot achieve. Never accept a fate you know you are capable of overcoming. At the end of the day, it is all about the attitude you keep. These are just a few of the lessons learned from Duncan Slater’s BridgeTalk.

Bridge Talks: Simon Lewis on Creativity

Successful business management – where customer experience and employee engagement are perfectly aligned – requires the creative leadership and skilful orchestration only a few can manage.

Has your organisation lost focus? Do you recognise your business’ tone of voice? Have you lost touch with your clients? Do you know why? When confusion and indecision abound, your customers and employees will be swept up by the competition before you have a chance to react.

What if you could find ways to constantly innovate and continually improve customer engagement? What would happen to your business if your staff became the dedicated, loyal personnel you always knew they could be? Simon Lewis explained it all… at BridgeTalks.

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