What Leaders Can Learn From People Watching


As this weeks scoop is ‘celebrating uniqueness always’ I could not keep away and had to join the rest of the scoopers in exploring this Bridge value further. This value can go in many directions as it sits with each individual to best understand and activate what they view (and celebrate) as unique. We often use words such as ‘authentic’ and ‘individual’, but I believe this value goes beyond these words alone.

Part of the secret lies in the word ‘always’. To me this is at the core of all values. In business, we often showcase our values on walls and websites without considering the significance of these powerful instruments of direction and guidance. True values should not be something that we choose when it suits or because it is the fashionable word of the time. When it comes to celebrating uniqueness I believe that this is the foundation of Bridge as a people learning solutions agency. It all starts with being fascinated by people and there is nothing more unique than each and every one of us.

When I was in my early 20s, I found a great coffee table book dedicated to workers around the world. The photographer who created this amazing pictorial travelled the globe snapping ordinary people doing their daily jobs. In doing so, he created a timeless memoriam of just how unique we are. As individuals, and in our connection to the tasks that dominate our roles as workers and customers. We all play our unique part in the greater network; the interwoven global economy.

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