Turning data into actions


With BridgeCon2015 only two months away, I have to say that I am personally excited by this event. I am so looking forward to hearing from all the amazing speakers that are supporting this conference with their experience.

This first edition of The BridgeCon Scoop has shone a spotlight on Chloe Strauss, and what better place to start than by getting to the heart of what drives people to engage with the brands they represent and the people that they share this journey with. The importance of better understanding our internal and external customers is key to the future success of businesses, and Gallup has proven to give access to insights into this area. Chloe will share some of this data and bring it to life in a way that just makes sense.

Building a happy and productive culture is demanding and takes considerable concentration across key trigger points within the organisation. However, without a question in my mind, it is also one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures leaders will ever be on.

Having worked across most industries and in countless organisations, the one thing that often surprises me is just how many ‘sames’ we share when it comes to what truly motivates us at work. I look to an organisation like Gallup as a gift; their research team and consultants gain access and answers to questions that puzzle me daily. The work that they do allows me to see trends in behaviour, desires and many work-related people opportunities that I otherwise would not be able to access.

I encourage you to come prepared with questions for Chloe as I know she will take your thinking into new and exciting places. The BridgeCon strapline says “everything begins with an idea”, and this exciting start to the event will set the pace for the rest of the day.

Dale Smith


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