Day 2: Breaking Habits


Between the parallels

Today started with Yoga at 7am, and both the time and the physical exercise was a challenge.

If step one of any transformation is recognising the problem, then I think step two should be about breaking habits.

I was surprised when I saw that Max had put this in my diary; at the time I was not sure if this was payback for something mean that I had done or just him wanting to give me the kick that I needed!

Either way, I am glad he did, as with all change we need to hit the ground running and not passively look at change as something that will be happening under the radar – I found myself needing to transform because I let it all slide for so long.

So like all change programmes – come out with a bang. Break some habits early one and make them public! Also do not be scared to look a little foolish, as at this stage the introduction of new stuff is most important.

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