Day 26: The end is near


Between the parallels

Today I had a huge revelation and that is where my true focus was – on the end of the project. I was getting a lot of questions around what non-compliant food I would eat first after the 30 days was over. This brought me to look at the parallel between my challenge and most large engagement programmes I have been involved with, and the crucial stage that I have just entered. It’s not really about what I will eat or drink, but more about the daunting thought of ‘what comes next’. Soon I will be without the clear direction of the programme. The open support of others has made me take my eye off the journey that I am still on. There are still four days to go, and if I am focusing on the end then my motivation and focus is not on the drive to really push through these last barriers and make a bang on day 30. I think some of this has to do with my personality type: I discovered when working with Cathy what drives both my motivation and fear states and how this can impact on my push at the end. I also realised that I have yet to really look at a plan after day 30. I know I have lost weight and I have felt stronger and fitter, but is this sustainable? How do I reprogram my brain to continue with this learning?

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