Day 29: Team work


Between the parallels

As the end of the first 30 days is near, the team came together today to give additional support and motivation. We did a group fitness class with Tom, which turned out to be a real blast. The snapshot video is on our FB – so for a giggle, I recommend taking a look. This brings me on to today’s parallel: the power of teamwork and the importance of having one common purpose and goal to rally around. This project has not only allowed me to become more focused and driven, it has done the same for many in the team. We all create the world in which we live, and if you wear a frown, do not be surprised when others stop smiling around you. The energy of not just the leader, but all of the team is in constant churn and it is key to continuously feed it with positive intent and activities that bring the team together and allow them to be real and fun. It is also key for the team to have extrinsic motivators and a higher purpose that they rally around outside their normal tasks. This could be charity work or a transformation programme – it is all about inclusion and direction. Once the team has this focus they will often take this autonomy forward and begin to openly share their own knowledge and become participants in the future of the project.

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