Day 12: Storytelling


Between the parallels

Following on from yesterday’s team session, today was a busy one. It is at this stage of the parallel that some days it all seems to hit at once.

We continued with some external interviews with individuals that are setting up their own business based on a true passion for their craft. After 10 years with TfL, Tracy set herself a new life challenge and is now opening her own Cake Shop – “Essence of Cake” in South Norwood.

Her passion and drive are second to none and I am so happy to be sharing her story as part of this project. With all business transformation programmes, it is key to collect real employee stories as you journey through the change.

Make it real, make it fun, give it impact through the people’s stories that represent the business everyday. Storytelling is also a great way to connect employees to the desired customer experience by sharing success and connecting them with the entire team as one – everyone plays a part in the story.

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