Day 13: Raising the bar


Between the parallels

Today reminded me of the importance of not taking your eye off the ball at any time. Change does not need to be painful, however it does need to be constant and an extra push needs to be given at times when you are most at risk of falling back into your old ways.

For me, that is Saturdays. After a long and busy week, it is the one time that I can slow down and just cocoon myself away from the world. However during these 30 days, every day counts and I need to ensure that I break old habits that no longer benefit me and continue at full pace down the path that I have embarked on to reach my goal.

Today I had an additional fitness training session with Tom and we really raised the bar on both my cardio and strength exercises. I have to say, prior to the session I was feeling a little daunted and not quite sure what to expect and hence did not enter with the best frame of mind. However, I did really enjoy it and this made me realise how organisations need to focus on the internal messages that really engage with employees prior to them attending briefing and learning sessions.

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