Day 10: Planning ahead


Between the parallels

Today was a real challenge as it was my first day with back-to-back external meetings. Albeit that Sharn sent me a clear message that I best prepare my lunch and take with me, I did not heed her warning. I slipped back into my habitual state and did not prepare properly for the day.

In the parallel world of organisational change, it is key to continuously review in real-time and be flexible in the strategic planning. It is too easy to just get into a flow at this stage and think that it is all smooth sailing. Trust me, it is not, as today reminded me of that as Whole30 food is very hard to get on the go.

Also, the new me seems to be hungry more often and hence needs more fuel. The day rolled on and my one Nakd bar was all used up, leaving me running out of steam and in a state of low energy and productivity. This was all down to my own lack of preparation and taking my eye off the ball with the complexity of the challenge that I have set for myself. I think the parallel is clear here!

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