Day 23: No yoga


Between the parallels

On reflection, I did not fully appreciate the message that I discovered yesterday as this morning I missed Yoga for the first time. After a restless night of sleep, my alarm went off at 6am; my new call for 7am yoga. As I lay there thinking about yoga versus more sleep, I found myself running through all the reasons why I could miss this class. From ‘I have a bit of a headache’ to ‘I’ve got a busy day ahead’ and the list continued until I had enough reasons to reset the alarm and drift back to sleep until the 8am call. As the day rolled on I had conflicted emotions, bouncing between guilt and justification until I reached a stage that neither of these was beneficial. No transformation runs 100 percent to plan (so best get over the guilt) and the purpose of not always getting it right is to learn (so out with the justification). Okay; so I missed yoga! With an appropriate reframe then I could review the benefits that I get when I go and also look through a positive lens about what I need to minimise that risk again. It was also helpful to lighten up on myself a bit and not focusing solely on the one bad, and instead to overlay it with all the good. As people, we get so focused on the one mistake or challenge that we lose sight of all the core benefits. In this reasoning, we can easily find the rationale that, once broken, cannot get back on track. So – give up and be happy in the fact that we almost did it.

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