Day 30: New beginnings


Between the parallels

As one chapter closes, another one begins. As the day came to an end, it was a great opportunity to look objectively at the entire project. From the original goals and desires for the programme during its inception, to the many touch points along the journey. I did have one milestone and that was to wear a favourite shirt that had not fit for a few years. If there was any measure of success to me, that would have been it. Yet that of course is not the level of insight that is required in a company transformation project. This leads me on to my ending parallel; how do you measure success? There will always be the quantitative and qualitative measurements that are in place, but never forget to just step back and do your own measure of success by simply asking: how does the organisation feel? After all your efforts and at the end of this phase of the journey, take time to appreciate just how far you have come and what this stage of success looks, sounds and feels like. Having worked on several large transformation projects, there are moments of success that will never be truly measured and can only be felt through your personal intuition.

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