Day 28: My time


Between the parallels

It is so amazing how much difference one day can make in our motivation and how just the day before I was inspired by the energy of others and today I really needed one day to ‘just be’. I decided to totally take the day off and shut myself away from the world; put on a few good movies, do all those loads of laundry that have been piling up and get on top of a few things. I always find days like this a dichotomy: one side of me loves the slow, non-directional pace, and the other side gets a little bored and is guilty to not be making the most of my Sunday. However, it is the latter that is of interest in this parallel. It is important for leaders to pace themselves and be more forgiving of themselves when they need to jump off the treadmill for a few minutes. The day was interesting in the so much as I was still fully committed to the programme and with such a clear no-cheat rule, I could relax in the fact that this meant healthy food and no alcohol – contrary to those lazy Sundays in the past that easily turned into snack-attack days. It is important for all people to find their space and be comfortable to ‘just be’; not judging this time through the eyes of others. It also gave me time to reflect on many of the key learning points that we have explored as a team over the last 28 days. I also realised that no matter how different the days can be they are all working in their special way towards the final outcome.

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