Day 17: Follow the process


Between the parallels

Tonight I decided that I would try one of the Whole30 recipes that Sharn had so kindly supplied me with to assist in my meal preparation. In my mind, it is important to be creative but this also needs to be balanced by following a process; using tried and tested methodologies because they are guaranteed to work and give you a near-perfect outcome.  Anyone who knows me could testify that I love creating the new ways, and albeit fun – does come with a higher propensity of risk. With a fleeting glance at the recipe I decided to make shepherd’s pie – and when I say fleeting, I mean I had not looked at the recipe. I neglected one of the main instructions and turned what would have been a great dinner, into an uncooked meatloaf.  On reflection, and reviewing what I should have done, it was not far off as I had all the right ingredients for success – I just did not formulate and nurture them correctly – an analogy that speaks for itself.

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