Day 4: Falling back in love


Between the parallels

As today ends, I am reflecting more and more on the habitual behaviour that I have fallen into and some habits that no longer benefit me.

With my new focus on healthy eating, and With Sharn’s support on ensuring that my fridge and cupboards are filled with the right food, I have been creating and cooking some amazing dishes.

When I look at this through the lens of a company transformation, it reminded of the number of times I heard employees say: “Ahh, we used to do that! It was fun, but we don’t do it anymore.”

From team lunches to collaborative meetings, the stuff that we once enjoyed is just not there to support our healthy workplace.

I have loved cooking, but the one thing that I have been missing is sharing my new creations.

However, I have to remind myself that it does not all happen at once and this week is about me establishing new ways, and it is for myself to feel the joy of my ‘me time’

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