Day 19: Environment


Between the parallels

As I closed down week three, this was a great time to look back on the entire project to date and view it through a neutral lens of what worked and was more challenging. I am feeling healthier and happier and more focused than I have in years. As I explored all of the influences that have sat in my life in the last three weeks, one that has not really had much of a mention is moving home. At the start of this project, I packed up my small flat of 15 years and headed up the road to my new house. Not far in miles, but a world away in new beginnings and fresh energy. All organisations need to review their brand, culture and environment from time to time. Whether this a refresh it or a total rebrand, we need to ensure that the workplace our people call home both represents the identity and customer experience promise. It is not a matter of putting up a few posters and considering the job done; it also does not need to be an expensive exercise if the budget it not available. Get the team involved and add some creative flair to bring a new energy to work workplace. Like my mother always said –‘you don’t need to be rich to keep a tidy and welcoming home.

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