Day 5: Embracing new technology


Between the parallels

It’s Friday and I feel great about the week. I have been enjoying better sleep and more focus.

However, today took a twist as I was presented with a new Apple Watch so that my performance can be tracked.  To ensure that we can monitor the incremental accomplishments and be able to set goals and measures for the future, this data is key.

From my perspective, I feel daunted by yet another new electronic system that I have to learn.  As if our new CRM was not enough this week – now I have one on my wrist.

Even though data and attention to detail on the numbers is not my forte, it must be part of all organisational transformations.

Setting appropriate benchmarks and measurements allows for better insight into what worked best and a clear view on the investment.

How can we know if we are getting to where we want to be if we don’t know where we’re starting from?

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