Day 22: Eating eggs


Between the parallels

During one of my mindset coaching sessions with Cathy Dixon, we looked at various character types. I guess I can easily be likened to the tortoise and the hare – I am a sprinter at the start but can get easily distracted by the next big idea. This is exactly how I felt today and have also seen this laissez-faire attitude creep into many programmes at this stage. So far it has not been without its challenges, but now I seem to have fallen into a bit of a rut with the way I feel about the programme. I have started to find some of the tasks becoming mundane due to the lack of variety as this is now just plodding along to completion. This parallel hit home to me when I cooked eggs for my breakfast for the 22nd day in a row.  Believe me, I do like eggs – but trust me when I say that there are not 22 different ways to make them! So what started as a breakfast that I felt great eating as I could take pleasure in nutritional value it gave me has now become “….eggs…. again!” I tell myself, “Just eat them so you are not hungry – that is what you get for breakfast!” It is at this point when most transformations start to really run out of steam as we are more focused on just getting through the transactional motions. The end is in sight, so we forget that this is our chance to inject new energy and finish with a burst.

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