Day 6: Building relationships


Between the parallels

I must say that I did have some concern about today being my first Saturday, as I did not have any of the Living Brand Project team around me.

However, I woke up early, feeling inspired and enjoyed a nice breakfast and some reading time; two things that I have not done on a Saturday morning for ages.

I spent a lot of the day walking Buster and really enjoyed watching him run and puppy-play with so many dogs. His energy is just infectious! I have to say, because of him, I meet some like-minded dog lovers and just random people.

It is so true that the energy you give is the energy you receive. If anything was learned today, and in drawing a parallel: if you invest in the relationship with those in your charge, you get amazing returns.

This may sound strange to some, but with the removal of stress and fatigue, it was like I was seeing Buster for the first time. ❤️

As leaders, we need to remember that respect is not something we command, it is something we project and then receive.

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