Day 11: Breaking silos


Between the parallels

In keeping with the Bridge value of ‘Inspiring collaborative energy’, today started with our Bridge Living Brand team meeting. This sharing allowed for a free flowing of new ideas and gave a revived energy to the project.

The Living Brand Project has many layers to it, with one being an opportunity for all the Bridge team to rally around one common purpose and initiative.

Even though Bridge has a relatively small team, it too can find itself working in silos as people often find themselves head-down working through the endless lists of tasks that must be completed.

Hence my advice to all organisations going through an organisational change is to see it as an opportunity to open up the floor to more sessions that allow the team to have a voice, share ideas and work together on something that is unrelated to their daily role.

The stakeholder team does not have top drive the programme after a certain stage as once the team begins to see that it is actually going ahead then they are more willing to jump on and be a participant.

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