Interview with Rebecca Robertson of Dunnhumby


Rebecca is Global Events and Engagement Manager for Dunnhumby. She attended BridgeCon in 2015.

One of our values at Bridge is, Keep it Real and Fun – what was the experience like for you at last year’s BridgeCon event?

Last year’s event was an exciting mix of various companies with differing issues, all of which they had tackled boldly and successfully. It was really inspiring to see how a well-planned campaign could have such a great effect on a company, and turn engagement around 180 degrees to ensure a happy, healthy workforce. It was great to see real examples and case studies rather than theoretical learning, and they presented with creativity and humour which kept it entertaining.

Thinking about all the learning that you took away from the conference last year – what was one unique idea that you utilised back in your organisation.

It’s not unique, however the idea of having a strong core purpose was heard loud and clear so we worked with our global leaders to produce a strategic narrative they all agreed on and endorsed which was then cascaded globally at a series of live events to our people to ensure they knew their place and purpose in our global strategy.

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