Human Behaviour


The Human Element: Brain Games

Dale Smith, Creative Director, Bridge

National Geographic series ‘Brain Games’ fascinated me in regards to human behaviour and what we can learn from its insights. The research is interactive, encouraging television viewers, often along with a handful of live volunteers, to engage in visual, auditory, and other cognitive experiments, or “brain games“, that emphasise the main points presented in each episode. The parallels between an individual’s life experience and that of the collective in a company are everywhere. The human element is being able to correlate every day human behaviours with that of the company collective.

As Bridge’s Creative Director and a behaviouralist, in this series of articles I am on a quest to discover the magic formula that allows humans and brands to coexist to create an amazing company culture. In this ever-changing environment, I endeavour to find commonality that will translate into a strategy of ‘must-haves’ and a list of ‘must-dos’ that will ensure a seamless transformation of your Living Brands. My aim is to study the human element and the constants in organisational change. Follow me over the next weeks when I revisit the ‘Living Brand Project’ reflecting on trqansformation in my personal live changing my diet and fitness regime over 30 days. To me, the ‘Living Brand Project’ is an umbrella that allows us to delve into the human element with an open mind and without limitations. Looking at organisational change through the lens of a personal transformation, the premise of the project is that companies behave like humans because they are driven by humans.

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