Here’s a Thought: The Human Element


We often interchange the words company, business and organisation to all have similar meaning as this gives flexibility when trying to avoid the same word being used multiple times in a paragraph.

So – is there a difference between these words and if so when is it better to use one over the other?

I see it as

A company is the active, present and structured state, which sits at the core and gives it a sense of strength and stability. It has clear logic however truly finds its own life when it is connected to the more human element of belief and values.
Simply said: What we stand for

A business is driven by personality and the professional manner in which it engages with the economy and customers. Once mature it develops its own code of conduct for both commerce and employees and further connects the culture with commonality of behaviours.
Simply said: Our ways of working

An organisation is an overarching collective and future state as it is always in flux and in constant development. It requires the strength of the first two in order to have the resilience and pride of its people to be part of a positive transformation. Without the human desire to grow and develop it will stagnate and begin to lose its collective energy.
Simply said: Together we make a difference

The secret to building a business case for culture is to respect all three and how each plays a very large role in creating a powerful and dynamic culture for both today and in the future. Respect and nurture all three entities as together they make up your brand narrative and connect your employees to the higher purpose.

Dale Smith, Creative Director for Bridge

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