Day 2: Feed My Face or My Body?


I started to feel better today and made the decision to focus a little more on research around my diet. It has become clear that I have been managing this aspect of my life much more poorly than I ever thought. As part of this research, I have begun reading several articles on diet and different foods that benefit and stimulate a healthier mind and body. Through a new lens, I have started to explore my own diet and see that my yo-yo eating pattern has not been feeding my body the right levels of nutrients needed and how this has extended beyond the body to both my mind and my spirit. I have been treating healthy options as a tick in the box exercise and seeing not eating as an option for weight loss. There has been no consistency and my approach to diet has resulted in my body not knowing when to burn energy, when to save it and when to even ask for it. As a parallel to wellness across an entire organisation how many leaders and employees are living their daily existence in this manner. This clearly has not worked as the right food is not just about feeding my face it is about helping the body fight illness and making it stronger. As with an organisations approach to wellness it is not just about ticking the box, it must be a lifestyle change. I see that I have lots to learn here. It is both important and also fascinating to explore what different foods give the body the assistance or repair its various moving parts. I encourage others comments and advice on more tips for healthy options and how to introduce better eating patterns to others. The science of food is definitely something that I have ignored and therefore have not been benefiting from. I also kick-started my first PT session with Tom which went well and I am sure will be highlighted more in future days.

Mantra: Food is Energy

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