Customer experience = engagement + employee


As BridgeCon2015 fast approaches, my attention has been turned once again to our fantastic line up of speakers. This is also where delegates will have the opportunity to make some interesting decisions, as on offer are two outstanding streams of speakers and presentations. I know that some days I wish I could clone myself, and the afternoon of October 14th I am sure this will be the feeling for most delegates.

This week employee engagement is on the top of my mind as I am sure it is on most of yours. The connection that we as Living Brand leaders have with our own organisations often reflects the drive that we have to put in place an environment which allows not only our employees to grow but the culture to reflect the personality of our customer promise.

These are two of the most powerful words in driving an amazing customer experience: ‘engagement’ and ’employee’. When flipped and combined they can create magic both for the individual and the business. However this does not happen without careful consideration and best practice on what is required to ignite and engage people in the workplace.

This stream is one not to be missed (hence having to make interesting decisions on the day – with both Employee Engagement and Talent Management equally as strong in terms of speaker expertise from big name companies). Tiffany, Jamie and Niall all bring with them a wealth of experience and practical insight into what works and also the challenges to ensure that your focus stays on track. Any successful engagement programme needs to truly bring to life the company promise and culture and be the foundation of your employer brand in the future.

Two powerful words create one more powerful combination and seriously one of the most rewarding journeys that I believe a leader can take in their career. I have had the pleasure to see truly empowering transformation projects with some amazing and inspiring people at the helm. That is why I am so excited by this conference as within this stream and throughout the day we all have the chance to learn and grow by sharing ideas with others.

It may all start with an idea but it is truly about how we take that idea and turn it into a successful solution.

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