Bridge Talks: Karen Ward on Brand Personality, Promise & Your People


Karen Ward, Founder and Research Director of Aditi Unlimited, joined BridgeTalks on 5 July 2016 to talk on ‘Brand Personality, Promise and Your People’. Karen has worked extensively across all sectors on the issue of organisational effectiveness, particularly developing sustainable strategic capability.

The talk was opened by Dale Smith, Director of Creation at Bridge Training & Events. Dale introduced the topic with some of his own experience drawing on his university days and posing the question ‘What is Personality?’. Dale then took the audience through the origins of the word and all the parts that showcase ‘the mask’ that you present to the world; your personality.

Karen began by talking about the difference in brand thinking between public and private sectors, and then continued the theme of experiences coming out of university and her first role in Nigeria as a Sales and Marketing Manager. She talked about the difference between strategy, theory and application – stressing the need for practical application.

Karen then took the audience through an example where companies with the same product delivered a different brand promise; the different underground networks of Hong Kong, New York and London. She talked about the re-framing of the Hong Kong network from delivering a service to creating a greater customer experience when people arrive in Hong Kong.

She then went on to talk about ‘moments of truth’ and how each interaction with an organisation influences our opinion of them. Focusing on the Department of Work and Pensions, she talked about how an organisation which has 22million, interacting with customers on a daily basis, can deliver their brand promise.

Karen ended her talk by introducing the ‘Whole System Perspective’ model; Foresight, Insight, Action. She talked through how organisations she has worked with have utilised this virtuous circle to deliver results. Watch the video here

Delegates enjoyed drinks and canapés on the Courthouse Hotel rooftop terrace to a wonderful sunset at the networking reception following the talk.

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