Day 4: A Gift of Thirty Minutes


My low energy has definitely carried forward into the start of the day as I still felt a little exhausted and not very clear headed. I think what it has shown me is a little bit about my impatient approach to change and have forgotten that it works at a different pace to that of transformation. Ok I changed my diet (for two days) and have been eating well, I sat and talked about my inner feelings with a mindset coach (once), I have even worked hard for an hour in the gym – so why am I not fixed yet! I ticked all the boxes and all I feel is tired and more stressed. I had to remind myself that transformation is more of a journey and its special ingredients include perseverance, time, and patience, as it may be a slow burner to start with. However, something did happen today that gave me a sense of personal power as due to unforeseen circumstance Tom had to postpone our PT session until tomorrow. My first instinct was to just wait until then but then I decided that I too need to become my own wellness participant and decided to use that time as an opportunity to get off my ass and head to the pool for a quick swim. As leaders and employees, we must take more personal responsibility for our own wellness and health. It is just too easy to get caught in the next email or call or meeting or or or.. and forget to take some time for ourselves in whatever capacity. In 30 minutes I ticked two boxes in that I felt more clear headed but also a revived sense of accomplishment in the fact that I took the time and just did it. So find your special activity that you own, whether that be a short walk, a quiet coffee, a meditation, ten pages of a book, but own them and enjoy them as they are your 30-minute gift to self.

Mantra: Be Kind to Myself

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