Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Category: Hospitality

This exciting, year-long project saw Bridge take a traditional 5-star resort to new heights to deliver Eau-mazing, new-fashioned luxury guest experiences. For 10 years, the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa property was managed by Ritz Carlton with an established market position, returning guests and high employee loyalty. In mid-2013, owners, UK-based Lewis Family Trust took on the management of the property with the directive to create a unique, new-fashioned luxury experience. 93% of staff were retained during the changeover; with remaining employees insecure about the hotel’s future after the loss of Ritz-loyal customers and the introduction of a service style described as ‘whimsical’ and ‘authentic’. Six months later, Bridge was brought on board to create an employee initiative focusing on translating the new organisational values into a tangible customer experience by way of an internal employee campaign and development programme.

A full development campaign was put in place to ensure that all hotel employees were connected to and had a full understanding of the new brand personality. Words were truly turned into actions as the programme needed to shift a workforce of traditional five star ‘ladies and gentlemen’, to an authentic, customer-centred approach to service that required staff to use their skills as Hoteliers to discover each guest’s own idea of luxury and deliver it seamlessly to give ‘Goosebumps’.

Bridge has won two awards for its work with Eau Palm Beach; Silver in the Customer Service Training International Award at the CSTN Awards in 2015 and the Silver Award for Business Change or Transformation at the UK Employee Experience Awards in 2016.

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