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Past Conferences

Bridge Conference 2019

Industry Annual

12 November 2018

Reviews of Bridge Conference 2017


28 December 2018

Highlights from BridgeCon2015

The Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Conference

27 October 2015

Interview with Ben Gateley

Importance of Culture

28 August 2018

Building the Business Case for Culture

Conference Speaker Lineup

2 December 2018

Value-based engagement

Shaun Bradley, Perkbox

2 December 2018

BridgeCon 2017

Employee Engagement and Culture Conference

10 February 2017


Our goal
Our goal is to inspire and engage business minds, to expand their own perceptions and offer new and thoughtful insights to others.
What we believe in
At Bridge we believe that with the right vision, direction and support, people can do great things. Real-time communication is the key to business strategy, employee engagement and building a happy culture that inspires employees to want to be part of something greater.
We are about simplicity
One night – One presenter – One topic. Bridge Talks presenters deliver a clear and straightforward message supported by real-life, practical examples. We believe that to inspire action, new information must be relatable and usable – this is why our presenters share their stories in an accessible and captivating manner.
Why it's important
Customers and employees are looking to brands to become more authentic and genuine. As business leaders, we must look to the future of how best to ensure that they are supported by organisations that offer and deeper connection. Hence, BridgeTalks explores topics and insights that are transforming today’s business culture.
We are business minds sharing ideas
As professionals, we can learn a lot by simply coming together and sharing our common successes, challenges and ideas for the greater good of the businesses that we support. Following each BridgeTalk, we offer attendees the opportunity to network in an informal environment with the presenter and continue the dialogue through our BridgeTalks community.


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Virtual or Hybrid

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