The Bridge Way

As a bespoke people agency, we work in partnership with our clients to create learning solutions that make a difference in engaging people to the brands they represent. From internal campaigns, training and people development to events; everything we do is carefully designed to get inside the DNA of a business – so we can link employee behaviour, beliefs and ultimately actions to drive an outstanding customer experience. Everything begins with an idea. From there, we listen to the voice of an organisation’s people, build storyboards and use our in-house creative talent to match the needs of the organisations we support everyday.

Beliefs that Drive Behaviour

Values drive our beliefs and from these drive our behaviours.  We have a core set of beliefs at that guide our daily client interactions and assist stay focused and on track.  When working with Bridge you are guaranteed to be part of a team that believes in: keeping it simple, being a client partner, transparency matters, and just be humble & be proud of what you do.

This model was created to support employees in connecting the values of an organisation to its internal and external customers. In the diagram, values sit at the core and emanate outward they pass through the three ‘A’ zones of Attitude, Actions and Aspirations.

Ensuring that employees understand the deeper meaning of the values, and that their aspirations are aligned to that of the business is key to achieving service excellence. Attitude is directly linked to a brand’s projected personality and allows us to best develop the behaviours that bring life to the values. Connecting an organisation’s values to the customer experience outer zone is driven directly through the actions and the service that our people offer daily.

The Bridge “Three A’s” Model

The Bridge Triangle has played an integral part of the Bridge methodology since Bridge’s inception, and has been the foundation of all subsequent work. Replicated and reimagined in various ways, it has always stayed true to its original intent. Starting in the lower left of the triangle, a brand messages outward through various mediums to the customer. All of these messages come with a promise of what it would be like to engage with the organisation as a customer or employee. Done well, this projection should embody the values and be consistent across all mediums. When the customer engages with the employees or Living Brand of the business, the expectation has already been set. It is when we match the brand and the Living Brand that we achieve an authentic customer experience, and true employee engagement.

The Bridge Triangle

The Delivery with Integrity model was designed to assist employees in living the value of integrity. This powerful word is an interesting value to look at in a brand context. In our daily lives, individuals manage personal integrity within themselves. However, to ask employees to deliver on brand integrity, they first must have a clear and transparent view of the brand promise on which to deliver. Organisations must involve all employees in a brand’s development, its vision of the project personality and promise. This process allows Living Brands to deliver on the desired brand personality and promise through their daily action. With confidence and pride, employees are connected to the higher purpose of the organisation.

Delivery with Integrity

Challenging traditional feedback models, FeedForward is a clear-guided process to assist with the flow of dialogue between leaders and their peers and/or teams. Each stage FORWARD ensures that the information is given in bite-sized chunks and the transfer is more easily received. It also allows the deliverer a better opportunity to prepare, as they can set out each stage separately. The objective of the process is to develop a future-paced timeline in order that the receiver ends with an action that they agree upon. This forward-facing state allows the receiver to more easily accept the information, as it is delivered in a non-emotive way. This also allows the receiver to be a participant in the outcome.