Events Diary

Open Workshops

Our Open Workshop programme offers an extensive number of courses on topics that matter to you and your business.

These courses use the ‘Bridge Way’ to bring a fresh and imaginative approach to the training room and guarantee to give you a unique perspective on topics such as customer service, leadership and topical issues affecting business leaders today.


Our Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture conference is designed to provide cutting edge and insightful case studies from leading companies.  This conference offers delegates the opportunity to take away tools and techniques that facilitate growth, collaborate in teams and present strategies, hear the latest trends and discuss proven methodologies and processes.
What’s more, you will rub shoulders in a relaxed atmosphere with industry’s most innovative thinkers.


Our talks are designed to inspire business minds on a variety of topics relating to employee engagement, leadership and culture.
Each lecture is delivered in a relaxed and easy-to-relate manner, allowing attendees to gain further insight into business, people and real solutions.