Leading Customer Service Excellence

For Team Leaders & Managers

9:30am - 4:30pm | 6 December 2018

Central London, UK

We are bringing our Customer Service Excellence course to London this December!

This course will offer collaborative learning that inspires creative thinking and allows you as a leader to utilise this concept as part of your people management style.

Course Description

Bringing life to your customer and people promise

This innovative and action-packed customer service workshop is a fantastic opportunity for team leaders, supervisors and service managers to come together and explore the link between a company’s brand promise and the service that their team delivers as part of the customer experience. It will delve into proven results that Bridge has had with an array of clients across a variety of industries.

Brand is no longer just a marketing asset; it is an amazing development tool that can inspire people and a team culture to rally around a common purpose. This course will explore how employees of an organisation communicate the brand promise through a range of behaviour patterns utilising Emotional Intelligence and communication sciences. Through theoretical study, games, activities and role-plays, you will gain both the skills necessary to develop self and takeaways to develop your team.

By introducing the Bridge “Way” of great customer service, we empower you to lead others to offer a customer experience that both lives your company’s values and delivers on the brand promise. This course caters to all levels of skill and confidence whilst balancing the group work required to map a great customer experience and link it to the values of the business.

At Bridge, we believe in practicing what we preach by bringing life to our own values of Celebrating Uniqueness Always, Keeping it Real and Fun, Sharing Knowledge Openly, Inspiring Collaborative Energy and Pushing Creative Boundaries. This unique learning opportunity will support you in bringing the future vision of your organisation to life and enhancing its customer service. We demonstrate how you can utilise your company’s values and translate them into the projected personality of your service delivery - both internally and externally. It is this connection that customers remember and employees live through their actions.

Workshop Outline

Behind the brand sits the minds of great leaders

  • Look behind the scenes of the Brand Leader methodology
  • Redefine the meaning of brand promise and how it is used by service teams
  • Find out what makes the customer experience of well-known brands successful
  • Discover the connection between values and projected service personality
  • Balance customer expectations, customer needs and customer experience
  • Learn about the basics of Emotional Intelligence and the impact that it plays in frontline leadership
  • Learn about the tools required as a leader to take on your role as a Brand Champion
  • Uncover motivators to build the internal employee service community


Dale Smith

Dale Smith

Creative Director, Bridge


Dale Smith is passionate about people and brand.


Canadian born, Dale is well-versed in Emotional Intelligence and neuro-science and leads the development of new theories and programmes on behalf of Bridge, which he established in 2005. He is a master practitioner of NLP with degrees in Psychology/Sociology and Business Marketing. Having lived in the UK for many years, he is an accomplished international speaker and facilitator, and has presented at several industry conferences and events.


Like all Bridge representatives, Dale injects humour and thought-provoking insight into every presentation and connects to his audience through storytelling and with charisma. His infectious, enthusiastic style on topics such as branding, employee engagement and customer experience truly reflects his desire to ensure that we build happier places to work and customer service communities within organisations.


At the heart of everything that Dale conveys is his concept, The LivingBrand®, a unique methodology on connecting employees to the brands they represent, and in doing so delivering a branded customer experience.



Central London
United Kingdom

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