Leadership Series:
Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

9:30am - 4:30pm | 26 March 2019

Central London, UK

This self-awareness and emotional intelligence course is ideal for anyone wanting to understand themselves better, manage their emotions and reactions, and gain the ability to change their emotional responses to any situation that arises.

Course Description

Emotional Intelligence can serve managers and leaders in many ways. With well-tuned Emotional Intelligence, professionals can effectively recognise, use, understand and manage emotions to achieve a positive desired result. Self awareness is a heightened ability to see yourself as others see you.

In a business context, this translates into relieving stress, overcoming obstacles and diffusing conflict. It can help you give and receive feedback when emotions are running high, operate under pressure effectively and distinguish stakeholders’ spoken and unspoken needs in projects.

This highly interactive course will encourage delegates to discuss current workplace challenges and will provide practical strategies for dealing with them. It provides a theoretical background and brings the content to life with activities, discussion and role plays.

Learning Outcomes


Understand what EI means for business and recognise key EI skills


Learn your own triggers and motivators, and understand how your emotions change under stress


Develop a better rapport with individuals


Manage and work with people more effectively by respecting and understanding their emotions


Adapt to how others think and react

Who should attend?

This course is highly recommended for all levels of leadership within an organisation, from team leaders to senior management. It will benefit all who want to improve relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers and those seeking the tools required to handle emotionally charged situations.

Course Content

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Feeling and assessing emotions
  • Recognising your emotional triggers
  • Understanding your motivations and drivers
  • Assessing your values and how you live them
  • Understanding your reactions under stress and conflict
  • Recognising you at your very best
  • Understanding the impact that your style has on our colleagues, partners and clients
  • Learning what holds you back
  • Choosing your attitude and reactions
  • Understanding the different behavioural styles of individuals and common personality ‘types’
  • Learning about others’ motivators, triggers and reactions
  • Understanding and being more adaptable to different perspectives
  • Recognising diversity and differences
  • Having more effective conversations


Dale Smith

Dale Smith

Creative Director, Bridge


Dale Smith is passionate about people and brand.


Canadian born, Dale is well-versed in Emotional Intelligence and neuro-science and leads the development of new theories and programmes on behalf of Bridge, which he established in 2005. He is a master practitioner of NLP with degrees in Psychology/Sociology and Business Marketing. Having lived in the UK for many years, he is an accomplished international speaker and facilitator, and has presented at several industry conferences and events.


Like all Bridge representatives, Dale injects humour and thought-provoking insight into every presentation and connects to his audience through storytelling and with charisma. His infectious, enthusiastic style on topics such as branding, employee engagement and customer experience truly reflects his desire to ensure that we build happier places to work and customer service communities within organisations.


At the heart of everything that Dale conveys is his concept, The LivingBrand®, a unique methodology on connecting employees to the brands they represent, and in doing so delivering a branded customer experience.


Central London

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