Building the Business Case for Culture

Bridge Annual Industry Conference 

12-13 June 2018 | Amba Hotel Marble Arch, London

Bridge Conference

This is no ordinary conference - the delegate experience is our top priority. 

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About the conference

Linking Employee Engagement and the Customer Experience as One.

Hear from top speakers and well-known brands on case studies and best practice in various industries. We have gathered speakers from organisations well known for their culture and employee experience, and asked them how they did it.


Dale Smith

Creative Director




Eugenio Pirri

Chief People and Culture Officer

Dorchester Collection


Liz Pannaman

Organisational Development Specialist - People Transformation



Shaun Bradley

Director of People



Tim Pointer

HR Director

Dixons Carphone


Ben Gateley




Philip Luce

Hospital Director

Bupa Cromwell


Lt Col Chris Warhurst

Lieutenant Colonel

British Army


David D'Souza

Membership Director



Maggie Tambe

Head of Customer Relations

Peabody Trust


Value from the day


Learn from amazing brands about their culture


On the day you will have the chance to network with great personalities from different industry

Having fun

We can guarantee you that you will remember this day! We love to keep our conferences real and fun!

Conference agenda

Day one
Day two


Reception and Registration

Help yourself with a tea or a coffee before starting the day and join all the delegates in the main room. Take seat and get ready for an amazing day.


Opening Remarks

We set the pace for the day in this lively and interactive welcome to the event. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet each other and outline what they wish to achieve from the day.

Dale Smith, Bridge


Keynote Address: Connecting an engaged and inspired team to the delivery of an amazing customer experience

Known for their award winning customer journey this is your opportunity to see behind the scenes at the employees that drive the experience. It will showcase how best to empower a team to deliver on the brand promise, whilst exploring the intrinsic link between an organisations culture, delivery of an outstanding customer experience and ROI.

Speaker to be confirmed


Stronger Together: Making 1+1 = Better Business Culture

Tim Pointer has repeatedly led the merger, acquisition and launch work involving big brands. This case study will explore how to lead the successful merger and development of business cultures. It will explore the learnings and missteps experienced, and will address how to balance yesterday’s heritage with tomorrow’s performance.

Tim Pointer, Dixon Carphone


Refreshment Break


Panel discussion chaired by Ben Gateley, CharlieHR

The panel discussion will see three outstanding organisations open up their doors to the amazing cultures that support their businesses. It will look at the important role that all employees play in delivering an outstanding customer experience and share their journey to putting in place a business case for culture.

Ben Gateley, CharlieHR

Liz Pannaman, TfL

Phil Luce, Bupa Cromwell Hospital

Eugenio Pirri, Dorchester Collection



Following lunch delegates will have the choice between two streams.

Stream One:

Business Transformation

Chaired by Don Hales


Taking employees on a value-based journey of engagement

This talk will be a case study of a successful employee engagement programme. It will look at the difference between training and an internal campaign over an extended period of time.

Shaun Bradley, Perkbox


Leading Transformation – The toughest mindset challenge yet

This talk will focus on the importance of clear leadership during transformation, balancing strengths and weaknesses and creating detailed processes that drive results. Presenting and making tough decisions is key and hear first-hand how this has been brought together across multiple levels with great success.

Lt Col. Christopher Warhurst, British Army


Refreshment Break


Stronger together – the coming together of two cultures

This will be a case study exploring the journey of a successful merger of two company cultures. It will explore the do’s and don’ts learnt. Bringing together different organisations or teams will come with its share of challenges but when done right – success.

Maggie Tambe, Head of Customer Relations, Peabody Trust

Stream Two:

Wellbeing & Performance

Chaired by Dale Smith


Putting mental health on the company and culture agenda

The Stevenson-Farmer Independent Review into Mental Health in the workplace was commissioned by Theresa May in 2017. The review aims to understand how employers can better support all individuals in employment, including those with poor mental health or wellbeing. This talk will look at this hard data that sheds light on the business case for investment when supporting employees in the workplace.

Speaker to be confirmed


Turning the tables on engagement – finding a work/work balance that supports the lives of employees

This talk will look at a more flexible work balance, where employees have more autonomy of working hours and environment. It could look at the balance between home working and how best to motivate an external workforce.

Speaker to be confirmed


Refreshment Break


Finding wellness in the digital age – using technology in support of employee mindset and health

This will explore how technology can be better used to support the wellbeing of employees.

Speaker to be confirmed


The Human Element- The Evolution of Culture

This interactive exercise will energise delegates and bring light on a new perspective of company culture. It will look through the lens of history at what makes a successful culture and how communities are best formed. It will put a human face on business and give evidence of when working together we can make proactive and supportive teams united with one common.

Dale Smith; Creative Director, Bridge


The Future of Work and Culture: trends that will change the landscapes of both work and company culture

This talk will look at the evolving demographics of the workforce of tomorrow. Delve into the future of work and travel in time to explore the evolution of the workforce, trends, desires and new behaviours. The way people approach tasks, relationships and service delivery are constantly in flux and transforming. These workplace habits will have a dramatic impact on teams and must be considered when building a future business case for culture.

David D’Souza, Head of Engagement, CIPD


Closing Remarks


Networking Reception


Interactive Workshop

This interactive session will have delegates working together to utilise the Bridge Values in building their own transformation campaign. Participants will explore what makes a great culture that is focused on delivering an authentic and stand out customer experience. Its aim is to give practical strategies and take-aways that can be easily implemented back in the workplace.

Building on the learning from the conference – this is a great opportunity to share ideas and thoughts with peers in a collaborative and focused environment. The group will be divided into sub-teams in which they will agree on a vision and personality for the culture that they wish to strive for. From here the task at hand will be to put in place the strategy that will bring life and sustainability to their culture.

To assist in building the business case for culture, the Bridge Values will act as a guiding roadmap as teams delve behind the words to create a deeper, more practical meaning and demonstrate the impact that they have when brought to life. These are not just Bridge Values as they are key to the success of all organisations when developing an engaged and connected team.

Finding the human element in how success can be demonstrated through the act of leadership, their style and in the activities that they introduce to the culture will all need to be considered.


Time to build your own case using:

Celebrating Uniqueness Always - Be unique: celebrate difference and recognise the special.

Keeping it Real And Fun - Be fun: enjoy life but stay humble

Inspiring Collaborative Energy - Be collaborative: dedicate your energy to working purposefully together.

Pushing Creative Boundaries - Be creative: Use your inventiveness to imagine the innovative and original.

Sharing Knowledge Openly - Be knowledgeable: Strive for continuous learning and sharing with an open mind.


End of Day

At the end of the day, following several interactive exercises and strategy sessions, teams will then present their strategy to the entire group.


Yes, there will be prizes!



Amba Hotel Marble Arch

Bryanston Street
W1H 7EH London
+44 (0)207-720-9933

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